Legend of the Soul Gems

by WI-FI

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In the Marvel Universe, the Soul Gems (A.K.A. the Infinity Gems), once found and harnessed together with the Infinity Gauntlet, give whomever access to the powers of God Almighty as they become an all-encompassing omnipresent being.

Here on earth something similar is said to occur when one earns access to the crown chakra. The result is in connection to the source of all in existence; upon connection one gains a sort of cosmic consciousness or God-like awareness and the power to perform miracles if deemed worthy.

And so goes it, "Legend of the Soul Gems."

..After the release of the "New Years" album I went through a period of turmoil where nothing seemed to matter anymore including my pipe dreams of fame and fortune. I distanced myself from nearly everything and everyone and wrote mostly just for the sake of sanity. The songs made during this period weren't about making an album, they were just an account of random thoughts about the world as I knew it and how I viewed life at the time. Evidently I needed space to soul search because these songs would later become the formidable projects known now as "Elbow Space" and "Legend of the Soul Gems."

"Legend of the Soul Gems" serves as a prequel to "The Soul Gem Saga" which will be released within the next 2-3 years. "The Soul Gems Saga" is about: the nature of man and the wonders of the spirit: the quest to obtain inner peace through natural or unnatural means: elevation of consciousness through soul searching and integrity at the moment of choice: realignment with ones highest self and connection to the collective force of goodness residing in all creation, aka God." It will be composed of several relatively short EPs followed by a final full length album.

Stay tuned for the first installment, TBA!

This album is best listened to alone or with a small group of friends.. Play this at night before you sleep or on that morning after the party when you need a break to refuel. Go for a drive out of town or park up at that quiet place only you know about. If possible, be alone with nature, maybe go for a walk in the park or play this on your fishing/camping trip if that's your thing. Idk, maybe just pop a bottle and/or put something in the air. Whatever the means, find solace, find peace, and keep it close.

Journey well!

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I don't have a label or major sponsorship so whatever you can spare will be a big help towards the creation of future works.

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released March 20, 2017

All lyrics written and performed by WI-FI
All beats produced by Anno Domini Nation
All songs mixed and recorded by Willie Green music with exception to "Willful Ignorance" "Erace War" "Ontology" "Rumination" "Boss Made" and "Waterloo" which were mixed and recorded by Carvo Music in accordance with Stush Studios
All songs mastered by Frank Olson

Album subject to change..



all rights reserved


SpideR-$tyleZ New York, New York

Well rounded, insightful, and thought provoking..
SpideR-$tyleZ is not your average run of the mil rapper. "My Rhymes are an extention of my existence in the way that a sword is an extention of the warrior's body."

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Track Name: Soul Gems
written in entirety by SpideR-$tyleZ